Robot as a Service. 

  • Lefort is a virtual robot that across different sources, validates, registers and learns every data transaction at the moment it happens.

  • Our autonomous and interconnectable bots transform manual and complex processes that may take weeks to complete, into fully digital and automatic flows executed in minutes.

  • They enable automatic business data interactions with customers, suppliers, collaborators, banks, regulatory authorities, and more.


Business Center

Our out of the box web app for small businesses.



A large number of Small Businesses use manual tools, being spreadsheets the most popular, to record and control their most important business data.

Such tools demand a large amount of time (more than one full week each month) to keep information up to date, reliable and available for timely decision making.

We believe automation should also be accessible to small business owners to help them focus on growing a competitive business every day.


What’s in the box

  • A quick 25 minute setup and your robot will be up and running automatically.

  • 100% cloud based web app, operating 24x7. No need to worry about paying for installation, data backup, upgrades, or buying and managing additional equipment.

  • Unlimited users

  • Connect your robot to your banks, other apps and systems to meet your unique business requirements.

  • Data safety and security compliance



All your important business data, your sales, your purchases, your payments, automatically up to date and handy.

Interact automatically with customers, suppliers, employees, banks, consultants and more.



Monthly or annual subscription